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We all know that exercise delivers numerous health benefits including weight management. Fixing this can reduce the risk of serious health issues including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

But did you know that regular exercise also improves your mood, helps you to focus, boosts your energy, can help you to make friends and promotes better sleep?

Good for everyone

Businesses are waking up to the benefits of encouraging their teams to include exercise in their daily routines. After all, what’s good for the team is good for the business.

It will make you sell more!

Exercise makes a huge difference for sales staff who work in competitive environments where speed is of the essence in closing deals. It improves mental health and agility, boosts morale and improves sales performance.

The science supports this. Studies confirm that increasing blood flow through exercising can improve cognitive function by up to 25% [1].

You CAN find the time!

You may think that there isn’t time to balance exercise with work – after all, your business is busy and successful and salespeople taking time out to exercise isn’t going to get the phone answered. Not true. There are so many ways in which staff can incorporate exercise into their day without their performance or the business suffering.

Getting creative

You could organise a staff yoga session once a week, plant flowers around the building or make changes to encourage nature to improve the experience of taking a walk outside.

You can also play to the natural competitiveness of sales staff by launching a competitive cycling, running or walking event for your team.

On your bike

Consider funding pool bikes for staff to cycle to work. This offers health benefits for them and environmental benefits for any business wishing to offset some carbon.

You are what you eat

Exercise and diet are equally important. A healthy and balanced diet boosts the immune system, resulting in fewer sick days, reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes and supports brain function. Support your team in making healthy choices by providing free fruit in the kitchen area and healthy catering options.

Sweet dreams

Sleep is vital to physical and mental wellbeing. With many sales staff reporting feelings of stress and anxiety, you need to encourage a culture where sales staff can genuinely be off-duty outside of working hours, wind down and get a decent night’s sleep.

Healthy and motivated staff are good for business. Better retention rates and dedicated salespeople who work together as a team will deliver enormous benefits for any firm.

For support in filling sales vacancies or improving your working culture, Pursue Talent can help. To find out more about our experience and services, please call us today.

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